Here's The One Kitchen Item That Will Never Go Out of Style


For decades, home owners have been choosing granite for their countertops, vanities, floors, and fireplace surrounds. As the industry has gotten more efficient at mining and shaping stone, granite has only grown in popularity, and is now an affordable choice for most home owners.


In 2018, there are now dozens of different countertop materials out there, including both natural and engineered surfaces. But there are a few reasons why even as trends come and go, granite will always be a safe bet.

It’s available in so many different colors.

When granite first came on the scene as a plausible countertop material for home owners back in the '80’s, it was widely available in only a select few colors. Now, you can purchase granite in a wide range of shades, including greys, golds, creams, and much more. Be sure to partner with a stone fabricator who can get a feel for your personal preferences, and help you narrow down your options!


Even better, fabrication technology has improved exponentially since then. Some fabrication shops (Stone Interiors is one of them) are able to match veins across multiple slabs, giving even large, multi-slab jobs a continuous, cohesive look from end to end. A fabricator that’s experienced in working with natural stones like granite will be able to cut and shape your slab in a way that enhances the natural movement of that particular stone.

It’s naturally hard (and hard to scratch!)

Granite resists scratching, and is sealed for even better longevity. It’s an extremely hard stone, so for normal everyday use in the kitchen or bathroom, it’s unlikely to ever scratch. It’s low maintenance, so all you need to worry about is cleaning up the occasional spills to keep it looking new for decades.


Every slab is unique.

Granite is a product of nature; we just shape it, install it, and protect it to keep it looking its best.


Because it is a natural material, every slab of granite is unique. After thousands of years of formation, many granite colors contain slight variations in veining and patterns. In our opinion, this only makes the stone more beautiful.


How should I go about buying granite for my kitchen?

If you’ve been considering granite for a home renovation, you probably only have one more question: where do I buy granite?


Your best bet is to buy granite by the slab, from a showroom where you can actually view the slab (or at least a photo of it) before you purchase. Every slab is natural and unique, so this gives you the opportunity to choose the exact color and pattern that will complement the rest of your home.

Exodus White Granite

Newly installed granite countertops

Visit a local granite fabricator, such as Stone Interiors, to check out the selection and partner with a professional at the beginning of the process. A representative will walk you through the steps of designing your countertop or vanity, and can help you find just the color you’re looking for. From there, you’ll be able to select the granite slabs for your project, choose your sink and edge profile, and schedule an installation date.


If you have any questions about the process of selecting your stone or designing a countertop, we would be happy to help! Drop us a line, and we’ll see if we have the right granite slab for your home.

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