Top Home Design Trends of 2018


Okay, we can't predict the future. If we could we'd be trading stocks instead of selling countertops. But, we do have some well-reasoned guesses at what to expect in the world of home design in 2018. Let's take a look at what (may) lie ahead.


Warm Neutrals

Grey is fading into beige in 2018. According to Gates Interior Design, 2018 design trends are leaning towards neutrals and browns rather than the stark whites and light greys that have graced kitchens for the last few years. Thanks to this trend, we expect to see growing interest in warm-hued granites like Tanami and beige quartz colors like Oakmoor.


Feeling Earthy & Going Green

Consumers continue to become more environmentally conscious – and they also want to feel closer to nature. Homes to Love predicts that trends in earthy, natural tones and materials will mirror our desire to separate ourselves from technology and feel a little closer to nature, even when we’re relaxing in our homes. This may very well signal a shift from formica and “faux” granite looks to the real deal.


Beauty in Imperfection

Victoria Redshaw, a professional trend forecaster, expects to see more consumers seeking out a “Wabi Sabi” way of life: “the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection.” We’ll find ourselves seeking out products and materials that naturally change over time, and embracing the unique ways that these materials age and grow with us. We expect that marble, which is notorious for developing a unique patina over time, will be popping up in even more kitchens in 2018.

January, 2018

Abby Sanders

In 2018, we expect to see more warm, natural hues.
Home Design Trends 2018
Marble kitchen island
We may see even more marble in 2018.

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