You'll Fall for the Waterfall Effect


Creating a “waterfall effect” by extending the edge of a kitchen island all the way to the floor is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the clean, modern shape it creates. When done right, these edges make the slab look thicker and lend a high-end feel. It also serves as the perfect way to show off the stone you so carefully selected, while transforming your kitchen island into a work of art in its own right. The precise, geometric edges make this countertop edge the perfect complement for any modern kitchen.


But while waterfall edges are gorgeous, they don’t come easy. Creating the perfect waterfall effect while continuing the natural grain of the stone poses its own special challenge for countertop fabricators. The corner angle needs to be perfectly cut in order to achieve a seamless look and continuous pattern. Even the slightest miscalculation could compromise the overall look of the piece and take away from the visual impact.


So if you're considering a waterfall effect (or any other premium edge option, for that matter), carefully consider the fabrication shop you're working with. Here are a few key indicators that you're working with a quality fabricator that can get the job done right:

  • They should have CNC cutting and electronic measuring equipment. This ensures they can take accurate measurements of your space, and have state of the art machinery that can cut precise seams and edges.
  • Find out if your fabricator has the software to create digital slab replicas. This technology allows your fabrication team to perfectly match the veins of the particular slabs they're using for your countertop.
  • It's a good sign if your countertop fabricator is accredited by the Natural Stone Institute. This means they've been thoroughly vetted by the Natural Stone Institute and are dedicated to meeting the highest standards in the industry.
  • Take a look at their previous work and ask questions throughout the process. Have they performed edges like this for previous clients? A fabricator that's been in business for some time should be able to show you photos from previous jobs and answer any questions you may have about their team and facilities.


Getting a new countertop is an investment of your time and money, so familiarize yourself with the fabrication company responsible for delivering the countertop you envision. And if you crave  a modern kitchen, a waterfall effect may be just what  you're looking for.

Waterfall Effect Stone Kitchen Island

November, 2017

Abby Sanders

Photo courtesy of Nordic Kitchens and Baths Inc.

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