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A Peek into Window Design

At Stone Interiors, we believe we do more than fabricate countertops. We strive to give you the dream kitchen you’ve always envisioned – and for many home owners, that typically includes kitchen windows that offer plenty of natural light. We’ve partnered with Valley Windows to help guide you through the steps of designing your kitchen window so that it perfectly complements the rest of your space.

Valley Windows is dedicated to providing its customers with a better view thanks to custom craftsman windows and doors. As you can imagine, that’s squarely in-line with the vision and the work of Stone Interiors New Orleans, who often fabricate marble or granite window sills that are integrated with a kitchen’s backsplash. Combined, we turn your house into a home.

There are a few pillars of the design process that every home owner should be aware of right off the bat. If you’re installing new windows, you’ll want to hire skilled tradespeople with technical expertise based on decades of experience, end-to-end customer service and support, and best-in-class sustainable materials. A lot of work goes into the materials alone. You know that at Stone Interiors, we offer a range of products including backsplash options that complement both your countertops and vanity. Valley Windows does the same with windows, designing options that are as unique as the customer.

It starts with Valley Windows connecting with the customer to understand their needs, just as Stone Interiors would do. The options are many, ranging from bi-fold doors, to sliding doors, awning windows, stacking doors, corner units, and more in both timber and aluminum. And every design has its own unique benefits.

Take sashless windows, for example. They’re available in both single and double glazing, offering you protection from the elements outside. They can be configured vertically or horizontally, and allow for maximum circulation. Or, you might consider Louvre windows (and no, we don’t have to visit Paris to get them!). These offer excellent ventilation throughout the home, and are great in coastal areas. The blades operate internally, so the flyscreen is unobstructed, which is optimal in Louisiana.

You can check out pictures of each style here. Obviously, the aesthetic needs to fit with your architectural preferences, but otherwise the sky’s the limit. Maybe you’re looking for a Victorian design, or a craftsman. Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more modern. Valley Windows is happy to help with any design you choose.

After the initial brainstorming conversation takes place, the real window design work begins. It’s time to decide materials. Will your windows be designed with aluminum, timber, or a custom material based on your needs? Valley Windows measures at your home, and they source exactly what you need. The materials are the finest in the industry, and are always found locally. If a material isn’t sustainable, then it’s not of the high caliber that we share with our customers.

Valley Windows wants to involve our customers in every step of the process. We understand that when customers are well-briefed on the process and our timeline, they’re more confident and excited about the

work ahead. As mentioned, Valley Windows believes in end-to-end customer service, just like Stone Interiors New Orleans, which means that the relationship doesn’t end once the work is done. Instead, we offer responsive and reliable customer service and answer any questions that you may have long after the work is done.

Installation is the next step, and is a seamless process. Before you know it, your home has been outfitted with best-in-class windows and a better view. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy it.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. And be sure to check out the Valley Windows site for inspiration and information about how to update your windows and elevate your home.

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