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Here's Why DIY Countertops Aren't Worth It

“DIY” countertops, such as pre-fabricated counters and paint-on granite kits, are growing in popularity. And we get why you might be tempted: stone countertops are an investment, and why not save a little cash for the rest of your kitchen or bathroom remodel?

But there are some major reasons why faux granite and DIY countertops are not worth your time, and why hiring a professional fabricator is always the safer option (literally and figuratively).

Safety Concerns

If you’re considering purchasing a pre-fabricated countertop and finishing the job yourself, you’re taking on exceptional risk – even if you have some carpentry or construction experience. An experienced stone fabricator understands the unique qualities of each stone, which affect the cutting technique and equipment needed.

A professional fabricator is also equipped and trained to handle large slabs of stone safely. If you attempt to install a countertop yourself, even with the help of all of your strongest friends, you could endanger yourself and others by not securing or moving the stone correctly.

Considerable time and financial investment

It’s easy to underestimate the time and dollar investment required for a pre-fabricated slab. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase high-grade measurement equipment, cutting tools, and safety equipment in order to create your sink cut-out – tools that most of us don’t have lying around.

Other options, such as granite painting kits, also require a considerable amount of time on your part, and often require you to purchase your own protective gear to shield you and the rest of your space, like the floors, cabinets, and sink.

You won’t get the same results Short-term solutions such as painting kits only go so far in replicating the look of stone, for obvious reasons. You might be happy with the initial results, but keep in mind that this material will scratch and stain easily.

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