• Abby Sanders

This Master Bathroom Is Truly One of A Kind!

This master bath would be stunning enough with the soft Cappuccino Onyx vanity and crystal sink bowls. But this home owner decided to incorporate a unique twist that's both eye-catching and surprisingly functional. This bathroom vanity can be independently lit from beneath the stone surface. A number of LED lights line the interior of each cabinet, underneath the vanity. Thanks to the translucency of the Cappuccino Onyx, the bright light emitted by the LEDs shines through. The result is a unique, unexpected glow that lights the room, without being so bright as to shock drowsy eyes at night.

The crystal sink bowls at each vanity enhance the glow of the backlit stone with a vibrant sparkle. The warm hues of beige and gold create a cohesive look and make for a bathroom that is both luxurious, and also warm and inviting. The bathroom's dual beauty and functionality is carried out even in the fine details. A small stone pillar, matching the shades of the vanity, functions as both a lamp and a toothbrush cover, while blending in with the rest of the space.

We admire any room with original features that serve a purpose. This backlit stone vanity is certainly memorable, and had us wondering why home owners don't incorporate lighting features like this more often.

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