Viewing Your Slab

See your options before you buy.

At Stone Interiors, we encourage every customer to browse our selection of slabs in person before making a final decision. We feel this is one of the most valuable steps of the purchasing process: after all, your stone will live with you and your family for years to come. Let’s make sure you choose just the right stone for your home.

Why We're Different

Stone Interiors has one of the largest inventories of granite, marble, engineered quartz and quartzite on-site. We welcome customers to our showroom, and personally guide you through our vast selection of slabs.


If this sounds overwhelming, rest assured. We’ll help you narrow down your options based on your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.


And as leaders in the industry, we know the features, benefits, and performance of every material better than everyone. You’ll have a stone expert at your side throughout the selection process.

The Value of Viewing Slabs In Person

  • Natural stone varies from slab to slab. Natural stone, like granite, marble and quartzite, varies from slab to slab. Those variations could be minute or dramatic – it all depends on the color and material you’re interested in. We love that every slab of natural stone is unique, but we do recommend that customers see their specific slab before we begin fabrication.

  • Identify the features you love (and the ones you don’t). When you see your slab for the first time, you may notice certain features that you want to showcase – and maybe others that you’d rather avoid. Since our fabrication team is on site, we can sometimes determine whether we’ll be able to achieve your vision with that slab, or whether you should consider a different one.

  • Feel the texture. Natural stone sometimes has texture variations, like pits and fissures, that don’t come across in photos. When you view slabs in person, you’ll be able to feel the stone and see every feature, so you know exactly what to expect when it’s in your kitchen.

  • Color variations are easier to see in person. It’s sometimes hard to capture the true color of a stone in a photo or even a video. Seeing a few slabs firsthand, side by side, is sometimes the only way to detect small differences in color and veining.

  • You’ll see much more in the slab than you can see in a sample. Samples are incredibly helpful early in the process, allowing you to hone in on the colors you like best. But you can only see so much in a 3”X3” square. The sample may not capture dramatic veins or texture variations, since it’s only a small piece of the big picture.

Narrow down your options.

We’ll set up a phone conversation, visit you at your home, or invite you to the showroom to get a sense of your preferences and priorities.


We’ll help you choose a material that meets your expectations.

Visit our showroom.

We’ll choose a few slabs in our inventory that we think you’ll love. When you get to the showroom, we’ll have your slabs ready to view – but you’ll also be able to browse through our entire selection of granite, marble, quartzite, and engineered quartz.

We're ready when you are.

We’re here to answer your questions, provide extra samples, or show you additional materials.


Take as much time as you need. We want to make sure you get the perfect slab for your home and lifestyle.

Other Options

We realize that many of our customers may not be able to take the trip out to our showroom. We’ve got you covered!

  • We’ll send photos of the slab. Our team will provide several high resolution photos of the slab from a variety of angles.

  • Let’s FaceTime! Sometimes photos just aren’t enough. We can always schedule a video call to “show” you the slab (virtually).

  • We’ll bring you a variety of samples. You’ll have the option to hang onto a few samples, allowing you to see how the stone looks in your own kitchen. You can even see how it reacts to common household spills.